Quandale Dingle

Quandale Dingle is the name of a Pennsauken high school football player featured in a series of goofy ahh shitpost memes based on a viral screenshot of a PC login screen for a man with the name. The earliest known upload of the screenshot was posted to Twitter in September 2021 and went viral through reposts, inspiring further memes referencing the name and how ridiculous it is. In late 2021 throughout early 2022 people began using distorted images of people, mostly Black men, to represent Quandale Dingle in ironic memes. The name also inspired a trend where TikTokers create parody RapTV posts about Quandale.

According to knowyourmeme.com


Many fans of Quandale Dingle have named places on Google Maps after him. This includes Quandale Dingle Academy, Quandale Dingle Burgers, Quandale Dingle Park, and many more.